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:: Accessories to Compliment ::

An Indian lady will always wear some accessories to compliment her elaborate wear.Many women in India wear elegant accessories every day. Some accessories may be fashion statements or ways to express their personality, others may be accessories worn to carry on cultural traditions, and still others may be symbols of religious devotion. What is certain though is that Indian women’s accessories are a stylish reminder of what makes them unique.Whether referring to a woman’s bangles jingling on her wrists, the jeweled bindi perched on her forehead, or the gold nose ring glinting in the sun, an Indian woman accessorizes herself for many reasons. She may aim to keep in line with current fashions, express her personality, follow tradition, better serve her religion, or else accessorize herself out of a combination of these reasons.

Beauty of Indian women

Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder' is an old cliche:There's nothing quite as beautiful as a good- looking Indian woman, especially in traditional Indian clothes, beautiful saris, jewelry including nose rings and forehead pendants. Western clothes are all right too, as long as they're lovely gowns, and not cut-off jeans and tank tops.Indian women are all around beautiful anytime with a conservative look always.In their traditional attire they are unmatched anytime.Fair or dark ,Indian women are and will always be Indian women ,an epitome of beauty anytime according to me.In a saree and a bindi an Indian woman will be a cynosure of all eyes . In particular I like Aishwarya Rai, sneha, rani mukharjee and some times vidya balan.

Earrings are worn on girls since a very young age.

The anklet is worn around the ankles and makes a "clinking" sound as the
lady walks. 

 Hair Ornaments
This is a hair sticker of an Indian motif mainly use as hair decor.

Nose Stud

Many Indian women, particularly Hindu women, have their nose pierced with a stud or a ring. According to traditional Indian medicine, a nose piercing is supposed to reduce women’s menstrual pain, make sex more pleasurable, and make childbirth easier.
Some girls have their nose pierced as a toddler, others at puberty, and others upon marriage. Typically women pierce the left nostril in northern India, the right nostril in southern India, and both nostrils in some communities. Gold and diamond nose jewelry is common, although other materials are favored as well.Normally worn by married women, it is worn by single ladies these days.

A bindi is a small adornment that is worn in the middle of the forehead and next to the eyebrows.Worn on the forehead as an auspicious symbol for protection, There are many bindi variations: it may be a small red felt circle, or even a jeweled sticker. Some Hindu women wear the bindi as a religious symbol or as a symbol of their marital status, but many more Indian women, regardless of their religion or marital status, wear the bindi as a decorative accessory. Some Indian women even coordinate the color and style of their bindi to the rest of their outfit.Worn on the forehead as an auspicious symbol for protection, it was use to 
symbolize marriage. However, it is now worn as a decorative item.

A very popular accessory,
Bangles are traditional, inflexible, circular bracelets that are often made from gold, silver, wood, or plastic,glass sprayed with a kaleidoscope of colors. It worn to symbolize a woman's guard over her husband.
They may be made simply in solid colors or even richly inlaid with stones, but they are almost always brightly colored. Bangles are worn in even numbers with often a dozen on each wrist.
Regardless of religion or marital status, bangles are worn as fashion accessories by women all over India; however, receiving a set of bangles is one of the traditional ways a Hindu bride ushers in her married life.

Another adornment which decorates the outfit and displays wealth. Gold is also a precious metal because it is associated with the purifying power.

Finger ring

Finger rings have always remained a favorite when it comes to selecting jewelry. Whether as a fashion accessory or traditional jewellery, finger rings have always fascinated both men and women alike. Known as "Angoothi" in India, these finger rings are available in a huge variety of designs and styles. The finger rings have always been an important part of the Indian tradition and still retain their importance and position. 

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