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May this Dasara,                                      
light up for you.
The hopes of Happy times,
And dreams for a year full of smiles!
Wish you Happy Dasara.On this 

auspicious occasion,
I wish the color, bliss and beauty
Of this festival
Be with you throught the year!
Happy dasara.



       Navratri Utsav is the great festival of Hindus,celebrated all over in India. Navaratri festival     is dedicated to Devi Durga-Shakti. Navratri utsav is the festival of 
nine nights.

Navratri puja tali
 Bommala koluvu
The festival of Navratri (nav = nine and 

ratri = nights) lasts for 9 days with three days each devoted to worship of Maa Durga, the Goddess of Valor,Ma Lakshmi, the Goddess of Wealth and Maa Saraswati, the Goddess of Knowledge. During the nine days of Navratri, feasting and fasting take precedence over all normal daily activities amongst the Hindus. Evenings give rise to the religious dances in order to worhip Goddess Durga Maa.
Dandiya is a mesmerizing poetry of human movements in tune to captivating rhythmic beats, intermittent jingling sound of bells and clattering of sticks, and electrifying flow of colours and light.  For those who have entered, even once,  in the magnetic range of its enticement, it is poetry par excellence.

 One of the most graceful performing 
arts of Rajasthan is the Dandiya dance
One of the simple dance performances of
Rajasthan. it is generally performed by a group pf men and women who move in circles to measure the steps and mark the time by sticks which are called Dandiya. The Dandiya Dance, Rajasthan is one of the finest examples of the rich art and crafts of Rajasthan.

Do you know that right out fit of navratri can make all head turn on you!! you can flaunt urself in bright tassels or mix n match outfits, mirror embossed dresses having combination of indo-western outlook.
The Dandiya dance seems to represent that age old battle but in a more graceful and rhythmic manner. The women wear traditional dresses like the ghagra choli and participate in the beautiful Dandiya Dance in  in India.
There are different steps for the Dandiya Dance, Rajasthan. From Lehree or the weave pattern to Trikoniya or the triangular pattern one can try different steps in Dandiya Dance, Rajasthan. There are lotus and butterfly dance patterns which you can form during the Dandiya Dance, Rajasthan.     

For navratri occasion, go in for subtle yet classy colors, choose vibrant and stunning shades for your dresses. Avoid wearing dark colored clothes.You can mix n match different sparkling colors to make light combinations in your dress. You can choose colors like pink, orange, green, red, yellow, purple etc.,          

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