Different styles of saree draping

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The Sari from the Indian Culture is probably one of the oldest piece of clothing still worn today. It is a very long piece of cloth which measures about 1m by 5.5m. ( One size fits all!)

What is wonderful about the Sari is that it is not a costume reserved only for traditional festivals or ceremonies. Irrespective of caste, religion or customs, the sari is still worn by Indian ladies going about their daily chores.   

:: Different Draping Styles ::

For a country as varied as India, there are distinct differences in the ways that a Sari is draped. The Pallu is the throw of a Sari, the outer end of the Sari with elaborate designs.

Nivi Style
This is a popular style of draping a Sari. The Sari is pleated in front facing the left, and the Pallu is thrown over the left shoulder.

Gujurati Style
The Sari is pleated in front facing the right, and the Pallu is draped in front on the right shoulder.

Bengali Style
The Sari is draped around the body without any pleats, due to the influence of strong traditions and a simple lifestyle.
Coorgi Style
The Sari is pleated at the back, and forms a fan at the rear. A small section of the Pallu is tucked in  

You just purchased an exquisite saree ... You've styled your hair, put on your best makeup. You even bought exclusive matching footwear. Now all you need to do is step out and flaunt it.

But something stops and asks you, "Have I worn my saree correctly? Is it too tight? Are the pleats ok?"

That's where we come in again.

 See how many ways we can drape the saree in different styles....

Illustration of different styles of Sari & clothing worn by women in South Asia
Indo western style drape
This drape is regularly seen in party circle now.Many women use it to hide their belly.

Devdas style drape
 It is the Bengali style however the difference is that instead of the pallu end being left long it is again wrapped around the upper body with the end thrown over the left shoulder. Attach either a heavy key or a key ring to corner of the end to weight it down and keep it from falling.

Mumtas style drape
 Remember actress Mumtaz in her songs wearing this drape.This is very innovative drape. here saree is rounded twice around to give a slim effect. It's hard to walk in this drape. This drape is good for saree with heavy or embroidered borders.Wearing this style makes on look slimmer too.
Western innovative drape
Western innovative drape

Maharani style drape
 This type of drape was carried by Indian Maharanis

Classic India drape
 Its a common Indian drape

Northern pride drape 

 The northern Indian style of draping saree involves the traditional way of wearing the saree with the end piece falling across the front of the body.In this sarees have skirt pleats in the front and the free end draped around the back and over the front, so that the end piece of the saree covers the wearer`s breasts.
Another northern pride drape
 I personally have never seen any one wearing this drape.It is giving more of a party gown look.
"An exquisite draping style of the women of chattisgarh" 

"It's a bright & beautiful kerala Tattdukuka style drape"

"A black and beautiful  Sourya style draping"

"A colorful and vivid maharashtrian saree drape"

"A pure and chaste white saree of the Oraons of chattisgarh "

"A strikingly traditional Enki style of saree drape Andrapradesh"

"A symbol of rich heritage form Assam"

"A timeless traditional style from the land of Marathas"

"A unique draping style, the saree of the Knods"

"A vivid ad dazzling Lodhi draping"

"An elegant and popular draping of saree in Nivi style"

"An ethnic and radiant coorgi style drape"
"Reflecting the pure spirit of the Gujarati culture"

"Cynosure of every eye, the gift of Bengal"

"Imprints of the rich Tamil-iyer legacy"

"Poise and dignified the Kacha style drape"

"Pure Nupatna treasure from the historic land of Konark"

I never though of wearing saree in a short skirt style.What drapes!!!


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