Let's know about "Lucknowi Chikankari"

Lucknow is famous for its small scale industries and unique styles of embroidery. Chickan & Lucknowi zardozi, which are significant foreign exchange earners. Chickan has caught the fancy of fashion 
Chikan is the traditional style from Lucknow, literally translated means embroidery. Introduced by Noor Jehan Mughal emperor Jahangir's wife. Chikan began as a type of white on white embroidery. Traditionally white threads were used on semitransparent muslin cloth. Chikankari is now done on variety of fabrics. Sequin work is also done along with Chikankari. Varieties of stitches used include backstitch, chain stitch and hemstitch. Open work pattern, Jali (lace) or shadow work.

History execute everything related politics and even fashion. As per the text book it was under the Navab. The Lucknow florist reveal the birth place, several embroideries and silhouettes. So it's only ride that we begin a quite the finest journey in the city.

Flawless style pure elegance and timeless taste. The mystical city of Lucknow has a lot to their Navab rulers for. 'Navab Sadat Khan Burhan-Ul-Mulk' he used to wear Pishwas, Bharak pyjama, The ladies used to wear Pishwas and pyjama with heavy work tops and all says 'Navab Masoor Mir Abdullah' who is the member of a current Royal family of "Ayadh". 

In Lucknow there are 4types of works, mainly Chikan, Mukeysh, Aari & Zardozi. While several embroideries and silhouette was borned in Lucknow. The word Chickan, this is derived from a Turkish work 'Chikh' and after that Chikh became Chick and that became 'Chickan'( A kind of embroidered fabric). This Chickan work come from Central Asia as well as Persia its in Iran. And it came to Delhi at the time of queen Nurjahan. After that it goes to Musheerabad, where in Bengal and from there it comes to 'Ayadh'.

The Navab's were the kings of fashion during their time, but is this the style emperors of today that are making Chickankari a constant trend.
And now we know about contemporary jazz of Chickankari, fashion designers who are constantly re-interpreting these traditional art form. White on white sheer fabrics an exclusive embroidery our modern day degree for the jazz of chickan. They are ruling the fashion kingdom with their classy collection. Cjickankari woes its red carpet entry to designer to Abu Jani & Sandeep Khosla with the introduction of chickan on to the run way. Its a quite high position in every fashionista's wardrobe.

The marriage between Chickankari and Zardosi are a mile flirtation between resham and kamdaan by Chickankari most prominently represent Lucknow. Chickankari is rooted in antiquity its been practiced in Lucknow for hundreds of years. A Google search will tell you the Chickankari is a form of embroidery in India.

The process of Chickankari 

Decide what kind of product we're going to made(if its a dress)
Cutting (The outfit is cut as per pattern requirements)
Stitching (The garment is stitched as per the pattern)
Printing (Block prints are applied on to the fabric with an indigo based dye)
Embroidery (Weaves and stitching techniques differ as per block prints)

Chickankari has 40 stitches and most popular stitch is Mori. chickankari is not just a needle work, embroidery is just the thread in this magical weave. How does the rest of your kurta come together well that's the story of Chickankari. It has a high style position as well as social economic advance.


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  2. These artisan who do a good job get only INR 10-30/ that is very low. Thanks for posting this.