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Taking care of your hand is extremely important before the wedding. There will probably be no other time in your life when they will be on display more.If you don't have the budget to get regular manicures in salons, follow these steps to give yourself a perfect manicure at home. Remember that the hands of men and women both need regular manicures to be their healthiest and look their best.

The Ingredients

  • Cotton balls or Q-Tips
  • Nail file and/or Nail clippers
  • Warm, soapy water in a shallow bowl
  • Cuticle cream
  • Cuticle stick
  • Moisturizing hand lotion
  • Damp cloth
  • Nail polish remover (optional)
  • Base coat (optional)
  • Nail polish (optional)
  • Top coat (optional) 
The steps
  1. Start by removing any old nail polish. Moisten a cotton ball with nail polish remover and wipe gently starting at the base of the nail to the tip.
  2. Use an emery board to file your nails. If your nails to be trimmed, do so now. File your nails in one direction starting at the edges and moving toward the top.
  3. Soak your fingers in soapy water for a few minuets to soften the cuticles. Use an anti-bacterial hand soap or one with some moisturizers.
  4. Rub a cuticle cream on the cuticles. Use a wood stick or your fingers to gently push back the cuticles.
  5. Massage your hands with a moisturizing lotion. Then wipe nails with a damp cloth to remove any excess oils.
  6. Apply a base coat, or nail strengthener if needed, to all nails and allow a minute for drying.
  7. If you want add some color, chose nail polish and apply to nails now. Start with a stroke from the base to the tip of the nail down the middle. Then apply a stroke on each side. Use a paper towel and polish remover to fix any mistakes.
  8. Once nails have dried, repeat the process with a second coat of the same nail polish.
  9. Apply a top coat to ensure that color will lost longer. 
  10. Don't shake the nail polish bottle, instead roll it between your palms. This mixes the polish without causing air bubbles. 
Here are some cool, fashionable, floral and trendy nails for you to try out!!!
What's your pick!!

The beautiful pink & white combination never go wrong!!

Blue is perfect for a strong and bold girl, If you wear blue polish you are cool and much loved by all of your buddies..

This color looks just wow!!

                          Pep up your day with some stones nail design.

Love flowers then have it on your nails too. Try the flower nail design with mostly pastel shades to give a real effect. 

Gorgeous green and white combination...love it!!

We unconsciously love certain colors. Do you agree? So which is that nail paint color you often end up buying again and again!!

Light shades 'or' dark shades!!

This vibrant color would show that you have a fiery personality, and are outgoing, and fun! It would also mean that you are happy but competitive as well!! If you like wearing red nail polish you are also a trend setter!

Winter hues!!

The color grey is a sign of neutrality as it is a combination of black & white. This color looks best on both bright & dark color clothes.

Pink nail polish color shows that you are feminine, girly and cute but also helpful and responsible. Also it means you are relaxed and pretty!! A light pink is perfect for spring, girls who wear pink nail polish love helping others and love being loved!

The color green represents life nature and well being. this means if you wear this color on your nails, you are showing that you are peaceful, calm and cool. It is a perfect nail color for any season. 

Enhance your nail paint with cool rings

This is the season for Bling!!

A nail tip for you!!

Navy blue nails are cool fashion for winter.
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