Types of Fabrics

Broad Cloth

These are light weight fabric made out of plain weave. It is tightly woven fabric with slight crosswise rib. It is generally used for dresses and is normally cotton blend or wool blend.


It is a heavy fabric with a luxurious hand and slightly raised motives specially of jacquard pattern it is generally very experience due to use of 6-8 number of harnesses and is mostly used for decorative apparel fabric. 


It is a light weight plain view fabric with an open construction stiff hand and cotton like fabric. It has slightly more yarns per inch and is given heavy starching which makes heavy the fabric stiff. Its generally used for interlacing, fusing, inter lining and binding.


It is a heavy plain weave fabric with open construction and coarse yarns. It is usually made up of jute and is generally used for making socks, upholster wall coverings etc.,


It is a light weight plain weave cotton type of fabric usually with bright and small printed designs on a totally contrast background. It is generally used for dresses and shirts.

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