Valentine's day

Hi Happy Valentine's Day....friends.

How was the celebrations going on...This post was fully for lovers, because i want to share some ideas on Valentine's day. I have done lots of sweet things for my husband on Valentine's day, i really should share some of them. So whether you lack creativity or money both, here are some ideas to make V-day sizzle and the best they've ever had.

Make your own scrapbook. One with all of the emails you both exchanged sweet and silly. Another with all of your occasion pictures and memories. All that matters is that it's from you, filled with loving memories of your time together. They will love it...


Make a gift basket filled with treats he or she especially loves. This does not have to be expensive!


Decorate your bedroom  to set the mood, with full of party decorations, streamers,hanging lanterns, hanging hearts, etc.Weaving the lights around your bed, hanging the hearts above, then it look like your own private wonderland.


Instead of taking him/her out to eat, cook dinner yourself.. Just take the time to show your loved one how much you care.


Make your loved one a card.What is it about them that you love? Their eyes? Their smile? Their sense of humor? everything? wonderful!! If you are good with words, write your own poem for them. They will never forget this most simple gesture, ever. If you are not good with poetry, just write out your feelings. That's all that matters.

Print and frame a nice photo of the 2 of you. They will love it i am sure.

This one may take some doing. so it's good i am posting this early. Make her a movie or simple video asking her to marry you, or just proclaiming your love. You can upload it to you tube, or put it in our own website-or even just email it to them. Be creative.


Order a one-of-a-kind portrait of you & your sweetie!!

Whatever you do, it's the gesture that counts. if it comes from the heart, it'll be amazing. Just think of the person you love, only of them and what they enjoy.

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