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Eye make up has been used for hundreds of years. Both men and women used it in ancient times as a way to look good, to represent their culture and even as a way of honoring their gods. Today, make up is worn for other reasons, too. Many times, the eyes can be the windows of the soul, the way that an individual sees another. Still, when applying eye make up, it is important to make decisions that help to make the eyes look great. It is easy to overdo it and have a 70′s style of heavy make up. It is also easy not to do enough or to make application mistakes in the process. Learning how to apply eye make up can help anyone to look fantastic.

Eye makeup can go from one extreme to the other. You can wear the bare minimum and be the girl next door or you can go over the top and be a sultry vixen. You should consider what you want to express when people see your eyes; they are after all the windows to your soul.

Your make-up, especially the eyeshadow that you choose can make or break your look. You can style your eyes with beautiful colors that complements your dress.
But don’t you worry fashionista, if you are unsure about the colors. You can still look chic with these basic yet glamorous eye shadows.

You can use these tips to create a beautiful, natural look that needs nothing more than a coat of lip gloss and you’re good to go. This look is also good for the office if you want to look more natural than made up.

Liner and shadow small change, big difference!!
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Another gorgeous shade is gold. It looks amazing on 
any skin tone and is apt for night parties.
Choose your eyeshadow colors and make sure they are ones that enhance your eyes but don’t overdo them. For example, light skin tones can choose light grays, pale pinks; warmer skin tones can go with peaches, taupe's and even dark gold.

Sultry eyes are always attractive at night and are perfect for a night on the town. The process is simple and once you’ve done it a few times you’ll have it down to an art.
Start by choosing three coordinating shades, you can find these in eyeshadow collections that are designed for smokey eyes. The key is to have a medium color, a slightly darker color and a highlighting color. Neutrals are great for smokey eyes but there are grays and violets that work well too.

The colour play - Eye shadow way
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