Stunning in SILK

The lustrous beauty and incomparable variety of designs and colors of the silk sarees make them an obvious and envious choice for the brides. No wedding is complete without the luxurious and expensive sarees made of pure silk. Many a bride, even from north India are ditching the regular heavily encrusted and embroidered lehengas for their wedding ceremony and are opting for the conventional silk sarees. Known for their aesthetic beauty and glamor, the silk saree can never fail in bringing out the best in every bride. 

When it comes to depieting the beauty and sensuality of women then saree is the sttire, which wins the race hands down. Saree is the only attire which can make a woman look sexy despite being draped in 7yards of fabric.
Designers are being experimental when designing a silk saree often merging 2-3 types of silk fabrics and designs into one breathtaking creation. The choices of silk blends are vast, some of the most popular being is follows:



The Banarasi

It is said that gold threads are used for making this attire, which makes them very expensive, and are
concerned as a perfect bridal wear. The designs you will generally find on Banrasi saree incldes flowers, birds, decorative patterns and nature. Highly skilled weavers weave this attire, and at times, it takes them almost a month to make a single outfit.





The Kanchipuram

The distinct and vivacious color makes Kanchipuram Silk sarees, a unique choice for women who want to look different. The customary designs include flower-patterns, unique checks and stripes, and designs of temples. The border known as pallu is woven separately from the main body of the garment. Once woven, it is attached to the sari to give it an authentic Kancipuram style. These attires are widely popular for their beauty, gleam and durability.







The Bandhni

These sarees originate from Rajasthan and Gujarat. They are designed by using traditional way of tie and dye, which is commonly known as Bandhej. Interesting designs and patterns is formed on the clothing using vibrant colors.


The Tanchoi
These apparels from north India have one of its kind pallu and the designs comprises of flowery motifs.


The Paithani

Paithani solk saris are made from silk and include intricate metalic patterns. The colors used for making these attires are derived from various natural sources like leaves, flowers, and soil etcetera. These attires are considered to be very graceful and luxurious.

Though the silk saree has a very traditional touch to it, you can spice up a conventional saree with unusual pairing of accessories.
  • You can go ultra chic with a designer bindi having a big stone, contrasting to the main color of the saree or you can simply use a big red bindi, which has become a fad today.
  • Pick a fusion style ornament to offset the traditional look with a modern twist. Wearing a chunky oxidized silver necklace of a bracelet can make your look a bit, bohemian, you can also neutralize the over accessorizing by just wearing a pair of ostentatious earrings, sans any other jewellery.
  • Wear a gold wristlet purse on your left hand. Shaped like a bracelet with a small round or traingular hanging zippered section, these purses are no more than 4 to 6 inches long and are frequently covered in intricate bead work. Pick up an inexpensive one at a street market, and store your keys, cellphone, cash and lipstick inside.
  • Highlight the rings with big pearls in the centre. Rings with large stones are more fashionable than understand settings or simple bands.
  • Finish off your ensemble with a fancy pair of fancy sandals, instead of the regular decorated 'Chappals' Wear sandals with a small wedge or stiletto heel unless you are already very tall. Choose a pair with beaded, braided or otherwise decorated straps.
  • Last but not the least, carry the look off with the right attitude and ample confidence. You are the woman of today and nothing can stop you from looking and feeling incredibly sexy in a silk saree!

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