Bridesmaid sarees

Green is Fresh!!
Summer weddings should have a pleasant outfit design for the bridesmaids as well. Choose green sars for the bridesmaids, with little golden or beige and a similar shade for the blouse!!

 Browns and Gold add sharp flavor
Getting the bride in complete golden ensemble, looks quite festive and bright, but it's essential to make her makeover look striking as well. Get the bridesmaids draped in brown saris with little gold paneling and bootis, to add the element of refinement!!

Yellow for the summer wedding
If the bride is dressed in her typical red trouseau, then it's best to keep her bridal entourage a little simple, while bright. Choose plain yellow saris with light gold border, for the bridesmaids!!

Pink adds bling
Nothing adds bling better than the colour pink to the bridal couture. The bright pink color of the bridesmaids saris add a touch of brightness and glamour in to the wedding. Where the bride looks cheery in a purple creation!!

Fresh Sprigs
The pleasant green sarees of the bridesmaid makes this very pretty picture looks as fresh as tender new sprigs on a bright morning. The light green also complements the brides bright red saree. The broad smiles of joy that all the women wear makes this picture perfect!!

Multi colours look cool
Getting the bridesmaids dressed in plain single solid colored saris in Georgette or chiffon is also cool and chic for the weddings. They add a touch of simplicity to the otherwise gaudy bridal look of the bride!!

Pink and yellow for summers
Pink and red go well for summer weddings. For Indian weddings, choose plain Georgette sari in the color pink and yellow, for their bridesmaids, while the bride can have more elaborate and heavy ensemble in the same colour!!

Red and Green never goes wrong
Getting dressed in maroon and green is never out of fashion for the bride or bridesmaids. Get innovative and add sparkle via sequins or gotas into the outfit!!

Rainbow bridesmaids
Another summery and fresh way of getting the bridesmaids dressed is in rainbow colors. These would make the bridal entourage fresh and replete with colors!!

Mismatch is the trend
The new trend in bridesmaid s to get dressed in colour pattern, which is just the opposite of the bride. This would infuse stark contrast, while retaining the flavor of fun and frolic!!

Bridesmaids in bright blue colour sarees!!

Love these colours!! pink, orange&yellow bridesmaid sarees!!

Western and Desi fusion mixed bridesmaid sarees!!

Looking very feminine and pretty in varying shades of pink is a group of bridesmaid and the bride herself. While the bridesmaids maids wear sarees in a darker shade of rose pink. the bride wears a lehanga in a very soft shade of pink. The color theme of this wedding sure seems to be-Yes. PINK!!

Pretty perfect bridesmaid sarees!!

picture perfect!!

bridesmaid sarees in peacock blues!

Golden Heritage
Here is a group of beautiful bridesmaid wearing saffron lehangas and golden dhupattas in the typical traditional South Indian style!!

 Attractive Emeralds
Dressed in deep emerald colored sarees, these bridesmaids make a strong style statement. The bride is dressed in a saree done in pink and a softer shade of green. The colorful boutiques that the women hold in  their hands add colour and variety to the picture!!

Traditional Magnificence
The bride along with her bridesmaids creates an aura of regal traditional magnificence in this picture. The bride, dressed in a gold silk sari that beautifully complements her dusky complexion, looks great amidst her bridesmaids who are dressed in pearly peach colored lehengas!!

More colors!!

Pink & Green perfect combination for bridesmaid saree!! feels fresh!!

Flower decoration ideas for Wenddings

Gulab Ganesha!! Isn't it amazing!!

Indian Marigold Wedding decorations

Decorated with antique bells!!

Gajara and gulab!!

Fresh Indian marigold garlands will complete the traditional look!!

Unique orange & white marigold garlands!!

South Indian Wedding decorations with Flowers and Lemon Fruits!!

Keep it simple with lilly and marigold-Looks awesome!!

Fresh flower garlands!!

Fresh flower decorations for Fresh food stalls!!

Flower garlands and fabric in Lime green and Fuscia great for a mehandi/sangeet or Engagement!!

Mandap is draped with white&orange flower garlands!!

Jasmine mandap-Smells of love!!

Flowing garlands welcoming guests-Entrance decoration!!

Lamp and marigolds a traditional setups for family!!

Wedding in Kerala-Small fragrant white flowers suspended on strings. WOW!!

Mandap draped with traditional Indian fresh flower garlands!!

Marigold and roses combination mandap backdrop!!

Flower decorated boat to pickup the guests-Kerala, India.

Wedding decorations!!

The best part-white garlands highlighted with little Roses!!

Orange marigold garlands paired with leafs looking traditional Indian wedding flowers!!

 Mandap backdrop-Pink to white garlands and crystals!! Love it!!

Ready made Kutch( Rabari ) work bouses

Spice up your saree with a gorgeous Choli. Make your own style statement. These Cholies are hand embroidered in the Rabri Art from Kutch. Rabri embro.idery not only tells us much about their culture but is also like a language in which women use to express themselves

Rabaris embroider a wide range of garments, bags. household decorations and animal trappings.The objects that they embroider highlight important events, rites and values in their lives. Girls traditionally embroider blouses, skirts, veils, wall hangings, pillows, purses.

Shilpa shetty  wearing a beautiful three shaded saree with 3/4th sleeve Kutch work blouse. Isn't she looks stunning!!

 Anoother 3/4th sleeve Kutch work blouse!!

 These type of multi colour Kutch work blouses will go with any plain colour saree either cotton or chiffon saree!!

 This Kutch work blouse highlighted with elephants and flowers!!

         Rich and elegant attire for special occasion!!