How to look taller instatntly

Being short is not a bad thing and actually it's rather cute-but sometimes we like to look a little taller than we are,it's surprising how clothes and styling can create the illusion of height, it was really fascinating. Being someone that's not too tall herself, you can try a few tricks with styling, and they actually work! So here's a few tricks and tips that'll help you look taller instantly in whatever you wear!

We all know that somethings we just cant change, like height, but we can do is trick people and they thinking actually you are..

Wear Nude Shoes

It's a wardrobe staple. If you don't have a pair of these, then you probably should. Whether it's as easy as wearing pair of nude heels or learning how to play with proportions in high-waisted jeans. you'd be surprised how these simple ideas fool everyone into assuming you've got good height.

Wear a thin  Belt & Wear One Colour

Wear a thin Waist belt whenever you can, because it will give you really lengthen your legs
Wearing one colour allover will creates like a  unified pattern and it gives illusion of height.

Wear 'V' Necks

Wear 'V' Necks, tops with 'V' Neck lines give the illusion of a longer leaner torso, so should keep this in mind next time you go shopping.

Wear high rise pants

Say Yes to high waist bottoms, whether its skinny jeans or skirt have the waist that elevated because this takes that length from your torso and adds it to your lower body, which is very flattering.

Pouf it up

Even your hairstyle can add to your height, So you should try something can elaborate pouf with may be a ponytail, because when you put your hair all up, the neck looks much longer adding to your height.

So use these steps and enjoy your own makeover!!